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Jadon's Story...

...on a Sunday afternoon my children and I were talking to my husband on Skype (he was deployed and overseas).  My husband and I started our usual conversation about things going on and I said to him, I haven’t seen Jadon in a couple minutes I’m going to go see where he is.  I walked into my kitchen and found a door open to the outside... I immediately ran to the pool and he was floating in there FACE UP just like “Auntie Deb” had taught him to do.  I jumped in and grabbed him...Thankfully, he is fine. The Doctors couldn’t believe it and they repeatedly told me the outcome is never like this.  I told them “well those babies must not have had ISR training because THAT is what saved his life”.

I cannot put into words how grateful I am to “Auntie Deb” his instructor and the ISR program.  I have no doubt that she and this program LITERALLY saved my 14 month old son’s life.  I will forever be indebted to her.  I tell her all the time, “She is our angel”. 

We immediately had a fence installed around our pool and are still in lessons to this day.

All I can say to any parent thinking about putting their child in lessons but hesitate because they feel it is too expensive or time consuming. I would tell them, “It happens so fast. In the blink of an eye it can happen to you. You cannot put a price on the safety of your child”. 

Jadon is now in the swim, float, swim phase and loves the water.  I feel confident that he has learned the valuable skills to save his own life again if he has to.  Hopefully, he will not.  Much Aloha (Love) for the ISR program and to our “Angel, Auntie Deb”   ~Rebecca

Brandon's Story...

“Hi Deb, I just wanted to share something with you.  Yesterday Brandon was playing around the pool. Well, he was at the deepest end of the pool playing on the pool deck while his dad was in the pool.  I just happened to be looking through the window which is about 4 feet directly in back of Brandon...and I saw Brandon fall in...feet first...BUT he popped right up and turned and grabbed our pool deck and climbed right out.  Needless to say I can't thank you enough for this class. I was so happy he did what he was suppose to and he had a smile on his face too, and then he said, I need to go take a bath.  He was not even shaken up!   My very first thought after it all happened was, ‘that was priceless, it was worth every penny’- seriously, that is really how I felt. Thank you again!” ~Stella

Not all stories have such a happy ending.  ISR self rescue swimming skills provide our children another layer of protection, just in case...

Thank you for your interest in Infant Swimming Resource. ISR is the safest and ONLY provider of comprehensive swimming and aquatic self-rescue™ instruction. Our method of clinically researched instruction emphasizes developmentally-appropriate skills training to ensure that your child is learning self-rescue skills and developing the competence required to enjoy the water. Integrated into the skills training of infants and young children is the ISR Parent Education program that seeks to enable the parents and caretakers to understand drowning prevention methods and thereby, safeguard their child's aquatic environment.

What is an ISR lesson?