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Jessica Gambone

Waipahu Instructor - Afternoons

Jessicagambone Isr  

Jessica Gambone
ISR Certified Instructor
Voice/Text: 386-846-0208

Jessica is a certified ISR Instructor and holds lessons in Waipahu (Village Park/Kunia) during the afternoons. Her husband is active duty military and they recently moved to Hawaii in August 2015. When not in the pool, she is a Mom, a part-time Hawaii Air National Guardsmen, and even a Stroller Warrior. 

Jessica first saw what ISR could do through a YouTube video where a small toddler was swimming in a pool. At the time, she did not know it was ISR. It was when she sought out a swimming program that would actually teach her daughter aquatic self-rescue techniques (and hopefully a little bit of swimming too) that she found ISR. Not only did ISR teach her daughter aquatic survival skills, but it gave her daughter confidence in and out of the water as well. 

She loves what ISR has done for her daughter and she wants to help other keiki do the same.