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Reny Matcheva

Hawaii K ai / Aina Haina Instructor

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My ISR Journey:  

Since childhood I have had a deep love for water and the outdoors. I am at my happiest when immersed in an active lifestyle and enjoy swimming, surfing and hiking amongst others. As a parent, you want to be able to share in the joy of the outdoors with your kids in a fun, responsible and safe way.

My two oldest kids Aya and Noa (Tai followed later) are 15 months apart. When they were babies it was impossible to spend too much time near the water for obvious safety reasons - because they did not have any ability to swim. I started to wonder whether there was anything I could do to improve their waterside safety and to ease my own concerns.

After extensive research I came across Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). The experience I had with ISR was deeply affecting. I realized that these were truly important skills to impart on our young people, and that there was potential to do some really meaningful work. With a newfound passion, I enrolled to become a certified ISR instructor and began teaching these lifesaving skills to other children.

An amazing moment in my ISR journey was having the opportunity to teach my third child, Tai. Watching Tai develop his aquatic ability under my guidance is something I will never forget! I have been humbled watching my kids transform from ISR Self-Rescue floaters to ISR Self-Rescue swimmers and have seen the positive influence ISR has had on their development.

About Me

I graduated with a BA from San Diego State and also hold an MBA from University of Hawaii in Manoa.

I have been a certified ISR instructor for almost two years. Obtaining this certification involved intensive training as well as ongoing continuous assessment. I regularly update my skills in the areas of child psychology, anatomy and physics amongst others. I also hold up- to- date certification in First Aid, CPR and infant/adult AED.

During my time with ISR I have taught self- rescue skills to over a one hundred kids. Working as an ISR instructor is a joy and every day is different.

Uniquely, lessons are based in my salt water heated swimming pool. This pool was built to my specifications in order to be suited for ISR instruction. As a parent I’ve witnessed how harsh chlorine and chemicals are on infant skin and eyes. As I want lessons to be as comfortable as possible my pool is chemical- free! You can rest assured there will be no red eyes or itching after my lessons.

My role as a certified ISR instructor extends way beyond the lessons alone. I have a mission to spread an awareness of water safety throughout the community. In order to do this, I am always happy to spread water safety information and am available for speaking engagements.

I operate based on the motto - “Not one more child drowns”. I truly believe this is something we can achieve.

I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have.