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Miracle Swimming

Lessons for Adults

Miracle Swimming Institute (MSI) classes provide an alternative to traditional swim classes for adults who may be afraid in deep water or just need to build confidence in the water.  Classes are always in a very warm and comfortable pool.  Small group and private lessons are available.  Small group classes offer a wonderful opportunity to learn with just a few students who all have similar concerns and experiences.

Each MSI group class includes 24 hours of instruction.  

  • Some classes are scheduled over 4 or 5 days. You may have two 3-hour sessions on some days, and one 3-hour session on other days.  
  • We also offer once a week classes that last 3 hours per session for 8 weeks, usually held on weekends. 

Visit to learn more about this unique and effective program.  Classes offered in Kailua, HI (Oahu).


  • Beginning Class - 24 hours of instruction 
  • Next Step Class - 24 hours of instruction 
  • Private lessons - adult lessons typically scheduled in 2-hour increments - by arrangement, call or email to inquire

Beginning:  In the Beginning class, most people master their safety in shallow water and begin to gain comfort in the deep. Some people master their safety in the deep in this class, too.  

Next Step:   Attain the rest of your freedom in deep water in a pool; be able to move anywhere in the pool to get exercise or just have fun.

Private Lessons:    Private lessons are a very good option for adults to continue swimming after completing small group classes and gain more confidence in the water.

Schedule & Location

All Miracle Swimming classes are held at the Kailua location with instructor Deb Pyrek.  Please contact us for up-to-date scheduling information.

Adult Classes
  • $1195 for a small group Beginning or Next Step class (minimum 3 students)
  • $1795 for semi-private Beginning or Next Step class (2 students)
  • $3495 for private Beginning or Next Step class (1 student)
  • Private swim lessons for adults $125/hour typically scheduled in 2 hour sessions
  • MSI classes available for adults.
  • Children are most successful with ISR classes. 
  • Call or email for more information about schedules and fees.


  • Phone:  (808) 542-7074
  • Email: