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Not One More Child Should Drown - Proven Self-Rescue Swimming Program Comes to Oahu

American Medical Association (AMA) study finds early childhood swim lessons reduce risk of drowning

Oahu, HI -- March, 6, 2009 -- Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) , the safest provider of self-rescue swimming lessons for babies and toddlers from six months to six years old, today announced that it is now offering lessons in several locations on Oahu.

In a study announced last week by the American Medical Association (AMA), entitled “Association between Swimming Lessons and Drowning in Childhood,” it concluded:

            “Participation in formal swimming lessons was associated with an 88% reduction in the risk of drowning in the 1- to 4-year-old children.”

“Sometimes, everything we do is not enough to keep a child from drowning. Even with alarms, door locks, pool fences and supervision, children can escape from protective care and find themselves in trouble,” says Deb Pyrek, Infant Swimming Resource certified instructor. “At ISR, we arm children with the skills to survive if they were to accidentally end up in the water alone.”

ISR integrates swimming skills that are developmentally appropriate for young children, teaching them to save their own lives, while building the confidence that can lead to a lifetime of fun in and around the water.  For more than 40 years, ISR has successfully provided self-rescue skills training to more than 175,000 infants and young children with a 100 percent safety record.

The ISR lesson experience is a comprehensive six-week program where each lesson is customized for the child as they are safely guided through the learning process. 

  • Six months to 12 months - infants learn to hold their breath under water, roll onto their backs and float unassisted.
  • One year to six years - learn how to hold their breath underwater, swim with their head down and eyes open, roll onto their back to float, rest, and breathe, and roll back over to resume swimming until they reach the side of the pool and can crawl out. Once skilled, children practice these techniques fully clothed.

Hawaii Locations:

  • Kailua - Enchanted Lake and Aikahi
  • Honolulu
  • ISR will soon be available in Waipahu.

About Infant Swimming Resource

Founded in 1966, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) is nationally recognized as the safest provider of swimming lessons for children six months to six years of age. With a passionate focus on baby swimming safety, and as the nation's only behaviorally-based swim instruction program, ISR designed its program for parents who are dedicated to their child's safety, education and developmental needs. Our emphasis on ensuring that not one more child drowns is founded on Dr. Harvey Barnett's self-rescue training, proven to help young children survive in a drowning scenario. ISR's nationwide network of highly qualified, certified Instructors has successfully trained more than 175,000 babies and toddlers and delivered more than seven million lessons with a 100 percent safety and survival rate, with zero injuries and 788 documented cases of a child's self-rescue using ISR techniques.  For more information on ISR, water and swim safety or to find an instructor in your area, please visit