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“Calm, nurturing, gentle and empathetic are words that best describe Deb. Thanks to her skillful handling of our sons' ISR lessons, Larson and Tyler have become competent swimmers who, if faced with adversity, could safely remain in the water for those extra critical minutes. What was at first a very apprehensive experience for them turned into one filled with competence and confidence. We are extremely grateful to Deb for being such an excellent, caring and patient instructor to us as parents and more importantly, to our precious little ones.”

~Curtis and Carol Young

 “Deb Pyrek is a great teacher.  I was skeptical at first because my daughter was 7 months old and would cry every time anyone else tried to pick her up.  I was concerned that she would be so busy crying that she would not learn anything, I was wrong...even though she cried, she learned all her skills and finished in a timely manner.  After that, I enrolled my 4 year old son who is Autistic and he overcame so many obstacles with Deb's gentle but firm lessons. We are so pleased with the results, both of our children are now ISR graduates.  We have the confidence in the skills that they both learned with Deb thru ISR that should they fall in our pool, they have learned how to stay safe.”

~Gary and Stella Lockwood

“ISR is much different from other swim programs.  It has given us the insurance that in that split second, when anything can happen, we are safer than most.  Our baby can not only float to catch her breath or wait for help, but can also swim to safety.  ISR is a must for all babies and children.  Had we known about this sooner, we would have had her in the program at 6 months!”  

~K. Bugado